"The Cry Above LP from Northwest France resident Somepling is a melodic, vintage inspired
Instrumental Hip Hop and IDM album, compelling with warm analog sounds.
‘Cry Above’ starts it off, a laid back tune with old school Hip Hop undertones, a perpetual
groove with apt loops, melodic, shiny, the kick drum key.
‘Winter Sun’ is an ethereal tune with ambient soundscapes, playful piano loops
and chill, low acid synths and undulating drums, glitchy and slightly lo-fi.
‘My Own Versus’ resonates with gritty drums and dreamy synths,
beautiful chords, scales and slightly manipulated edits for a subtle touch
over gracious beats.
‘Swamp Willow’ begins with the warm crackles of a vinyl record, an uplifting
piano loop and gentle cymbal, hand snapping and jewelry box tones, the beat about 88BPM.
‘Iron Whitebeam’ utilizes interesting beat repeats, loop snippets arranged for tasting
crests of a harmonic melody, the rim of a snare drum creating rhythm, a fresh MC sample
peppered in nicely.
Ending on ‘Overnight Beat’, which begins with spoken prose prepping for a swanky emotive
tune with soulful shades, and an earnest guitar melody with bass notes and gentle hi hat.

Novel in production and rich in melody and arrangement, with tunes that sound most like
a complete thought being most moving and enjoyable, fans of the experimental Hip Hop will adore."

Somepling (Olivier Rousseaux), music junky.

Dust / beats / samples...Akai MPC2000 XL & records.

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